Recent Projects

Financial Costs and Climate Change Impacts of Current and Future Landfill Operations
A collabrative project between RWSP and InTouch GIS analysing the future capacity of landfill sites and the implcations for the relase of greenhouse gases. This examlined various factors relating to landfill and waste generation distribution across England and invvolved the integration of multiple datasets from DEFRA and other national organisations. Click here to view the final DEFRA report including all the maps and geospatial analysis that was undertaken.
Candid Creative - Postcode map of UK Businesses
A graphic produced for this graphic design company based on a supplied spreadsheet of business locations. Using the OS Codepoint dataset, over 100 locations were very quickly mapped on to a Ordnance Survey map background, colour coded according to business type.

"Great work. Understood the brief, delivered quickly. Would use again."  - John D. Candid Creative

"Story Map" of Aviation Expansion in Indonesia - Global Anti Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM)
A descriptive interactive map has been developed for GAAM to high light the large numbers of airport expansions and developments in Indonesia. Combining an interactive map with images and in depth accounts of the struggles of local people to protect their homes and livelihoods, this interactive map is a great example of how to bring your information to life using ESRI's ArcGIS online services.

Waste Management Integration - RWSP

InTouch GIS Services has been providing GIS support to RWSP LLP on two confidential Local Partnership studies, running in parallel, examining the options for waste management integration for two local authority areas.  The studies delivered strategic cost and performance modelling of alternative waste collection & recycling options and joint service delivery models, and GIS mapping of depot and asset sharing opportunities as part of LP’s wider studies.  Work involved detailed data gathering, modelling and interpretation, and was delivered through a series of officer workshops in which options were tested and validated.  The work is ongoing and will inform strategic policy and future

                              direction towards waste collection and recycling services in these authority areas.

World Wide Student Distribution - Bradford University

To help promote Bradford University's MBA in the Circular Economy, InTouch GIS Services provided a world map with the location and number of students from around the world that participate in this innovative course. The course is run in conjunction with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with who InTouch GIS Services shares office space at the Re:Centre.

Ecological and Habitat Mapping - BIOME Consulting
InTouch GIS Services is pleased to be involved in providing mapping services to BIOME Consulting, a new specialist ecological consultancy providing ecological monitoring and assessment for the renewables, infrastructure and minerals & conservation sectors. Recent work has included Phase 1 habitat mapping for proposed solar farms and advice on ornithological collision risk assessments for windfarms.

Bare Peat Analysis - Moors for the Future

In support of a major project by Moors for the Future to halt peat erosion in the Southern Pennine Moors, InTouch GIS Services undertook a large area analysis of the extent of bare peat using current and historical aerial imagery from 2004 to 2014. Image classification analysis identified land cover types for various years and allowed changes in bare peat coverage to be mapped.

Environmental Risk Assessment and Site Assessment Reports - Gloucester City Council
As part of Gloucester City Councils transfer of housing to a local housing association, InTouch GIS Services and Eden NE have undertaken a comprehensive environmental risk assessment of 6,500 properties and other assets that are being transferred. The assessment covered risks from potentially contaminated land, subsidence, flooding, radon gas invasive plant species. As part of the wider asset assessment, a large number of potential development sites were also assessed and detailed site reports produced identifying suitability for development.

Mapping Badger Cull Zones
InTouch GIS Services has recently completed a mapping exercise for Ethical Consumer in support of their anti-badger cull campaign focusing on the badger cull zones in Somerset and Gloucestershire. Anna Clayton from Ethical Consumer says "InTouch GIS Services were very enthusiastic and brilliant at laying out our various options and associated costs of how to approach our mapping exercise of the badger cull zones. InTouch GIS Services were easy to contact and discuss ideas with, very efficient in terms of completing the work, and produced a high quality report that will hopefully spur our campaign and research onwards." You can read their report which includes the maps InTouch GIS has produced here -

GIS Project Support - SAC Consulting

InTouch GIS Services has been contracted to provide GIS project support services for SAC Consulting (Edinburgh)

Environmental Risk Assessment of Propeties and Land - Durham County Council

As part of Durham County Councils transfer of housing to local housing associations, InTouch GIS Services and Eden NE have undertaken a comprehensive environmental risk assessment of nearly 19,000 properties and other assets that are being transferred. The assessment covers such issues as risk from potentially contaminated land, subsidence, flooding and radon gas and how this affects each individual property. A large number of local authority data sources were integrated into a single GIS system as aprt of this assessment, including property and land terrrier information, locations of past industrial sites, geoglogical and flood zone information.

UNICEF / Environmental Health in Developing Countries - Housing locations in Malawi

InTouch GIS services undertook an assessment of housing distribution based on two locations in Malawi. Using Google Earth and other GIS software, all properties lying within 5km (in 1km buffer zones) of a centre site were located and mapped. This provided detailed information on housing distribution aiding the planning of house maintenance  and buildnig programmes. Ben Cole, environmental health consultant with UNICEF Malawi says "I was impressed with InTouch's ability to add-value to the mapping project (particularly the inclusion of summary tables). The maps speak for themselves - they are first rate".

Central Queensland Waste Strategy Technical Support

Working with Jacobs SKM, InTouch GIS undertook spatial analysis for the Central Queensland Waste Strategy, helping to revise the area plan for waste site facilties. InTouch GIS mapped the location of site facilties using a combination of client supplied data and detailed examination of satellite imagery to identify the exact location of all existing waste sites whtin 4 counties of Queensland, Australia. Shortest route and site optimization analysis was undertaken to inform the development of the waste strategy, identifying optimised locations for centralised waste facilties as well as the distribution of household waste generation.

PinPoint Training - Introduction to MapInfo Training

A successful 1 day "Introduction to MapInfo" course was delivered on behalf of PinPoint training in Leicester to representatives of Leicestershire County Council Emergency Planning team. The course covered the basics of using Mapinfo including using data from spreadsheets and map production.

Treesponsibility - Hebden Water Catchment Management Plan

Treesponsibility, working with the Environment Agency and Calderdale Council, are working to produce an integrated catchment management plan for the Hebden Water catchment above Hebden Bridge. Identifying areas for suitable land management (tree planting, appropriate moorland management, track maintenance) will help reduce risk of flooding in the area. InTouch was commissioned to compile relevant spatial datasets for the area, creating a map identifying key land management and environmental issues.

Turning Point - Database Design and MS Access Consultancy
Turning Point is a national health and social care provider and required a database to aid the creation of funding bids. The "Excellent Answers Database", based around an MS Access platform is now in use by both the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities teams. InTouch provided advice and training to Turning Point staff to help them develop their own in-house database, advising on database structures and technical issues surrounding MS Access.
Keep Slaithwaite Special Community Group - Population Analysis and Census Mapping
"Keep Slaithwaite Special" is a community group set up to promote and encourage the thriving community and local economy of Slaithwaite Village. Their latest campaign relating to a proposed new retail development in the village centre required independent analysis and mapping of local population profiles in the area. Using the latest 2011 census data, InTouch was able to provide detailed population and household profiling of the catchment area of new development.

Plymouth City Council – Environmental Risk Assessment of Social Housing

InTouch GIS services, in partnership with Eden, have recently completed an environmental risk assessment of over 16,500 properties for Plymouth City Council. Using GIS to integrate housing, environmental and historical data, each individual property was assessed for risks posed by contaminated land and radon gas and financial calculations made to ascertain potential insurance cover needed. Graeme Merry managing the housing stock transfer process on behalf of Plymouth City Council says "“InTouch and Eden have produced a high quality and well presented report delivered within agreed timescales”

WRAP – Dorset Waste Partnership Bulky Waste Collection

A spatial analysis of potential demand for bulky waste collection services across the Dorset waste partnership area was undertaken based on household locations and densities. A review of existing waste collection depots was informed by undertaking a ‘Travel time analysis’ to identify the most suitable depot locations to centralise the collection services. Road network data from the Ordnance Survey Integrated Transport Network (ITN) and the Local Land and Property Gazetteer were a key part of this analysis.

SAC Consulting - ArcGIS Training

ArcGIS training relating to increased productivity in map production and spatial data management.

‘In hiring In Touch – GIS Services, we were provided with a professional and personalised GIS training session which was highly rewarding. In a short session, Jonathan delivered a comprehensive and enthusiastic response to our technical queries and was also help suggest improved processes to help improve efficiency at work. Overall, the service received was practical and friendly; I would not hesitate to return to Jonathan for future training opportunities.’ Adele Dundas - SAC Consulting

Gwynedd Council Waste Analysis - Travel Time and Catchment Area analysis.
Analysis of travel times for waste collection vehicles from depots in North Wales and the number of households serviced. Comparison of depot catchment areas for proposed depot distribution and the effects this will have on waste collection services. Haulage times to transport the waste from the depot locations to the waste tips were also analysed for the current and future scenarios.

Calla Wind Farm - Ornithological Collision Risk Assessment.
Collision risk assessment for pink footed geese and other sensitive bird species for proposed windfarm development in Scotland. Involved digitising bird flight lines from survey map sheets, integration with spreadsheet data, and analysis of flight time within proximity to wind turbines. 'Viewsheds' or 'Viewable areas' were calculated from vantage points to identify how much of the windfarm site was visible from the bird survey locations and flight lines were analysed to calculate the amount of time individual bird species were present within an 'at risk' area of the wind turbines.

Dublin Docks- GIS Data file conversion and Integration
Clients MapInfo large scale mapping tiles were converted to ArcGIS shape files and merged together to provide a more usable single background mapping layer from the 36 individual tiles originally provided.